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ABout us

We are a registries agency based in Barrhead, Alberta. Our goal is to provide you with Professional Expertise, and Great Customer Service. We hope that you will contact us or visit us in our office in the very near future!


Corporate Registration

Trade Names, Proprietorships, Numbered & Names Alberta Incorporations, Dissolve & Revive Companies, Annual Returns, and more.

Motor Vehicle Registration

Registrations, Transfers, Ownership Correction, all motor vehicle services.

Translation Services

Certified Translations in 40+ languages! Permanent Residency Documents, Citizenship Applications, Driver Licenses, Vital Statistics Documents, Academic Documents, and More.

Vital Statistics

Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Legal Change of Name Processing

Drivers Licensing

Licences and Licence Renewals available for a driving classes 1-6.

Nuans Services

Name searches for Incorporating named companies, Societies , Non-Profit Societies and more.

Road Tests

All types of Road Tests, Learners Tests, Out of province and out of Country Exchanges, Air Brakes Tests and more.

Raffle Licenses

A raffle licence authorizes eligible charitable or religious groups to conduct a lottery scheme in which tickets or prize bonds are sold for a chance to win prizes. We can issue them on the spot!

Land Title Searches

Mortgages, caveats, and other instruments registered against the land.

Organ Donation Services

We are qualified to provide organ and tissue donation Registrations upon your consent when renewing your license.

Personal Property Searches & Registrations

Lien Searches & Registrations, Garagemens Liens, Lien Searches & Registrations, Security Agreements, Writ of Enforcement, Renewal Charges, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can obtain the Authorization for Vehicle Services Form, and have your
spouse fill in each section. His/her driver license and signature is
required.   Your signature and Driver Licence or other acceptable ID is
also required.


Proof of valid Insurance is mandatory.

All outstanding fines must be paid by cash or debit in order to proceed with any of these services

You can rewrite the test the next business day.

We require payment to secure your appointment time with the Independent
Driver Examiner who travels from Edmonton to our office to conduct Road
Tests. You are required to be present in our office for several reasons.
Firstly, we need your ID to check the system to ensure you are indeed
eligible to take the Road Test, or if there are any restrictions or unpaid
fines. Secondly, your presence in our office ensures the protection and
privacy of your sensitive and very personal information.

Your parent or LEGAL GUARDIAN are required to give their permission if you
are a minor. Legal documentation is required for guardians.
Parents/guardians must also present their own ID to sign the consent. The
minor must have 2 acceptable pieces of ID. Some examples are :Birth
Certificate: Passport: AB Health Care Card.

Not at this time.



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